Microsoft Office 2017 32/64 Bit ISO Free Download

Microsoft Office 2017 ISO Free Download: Hello everyone! In this review we are going to talk about MS Office 2017’s new and exciting features, and how can they make your lives easier. In Office 2017 a lot of new additions have been made by Microsoft. If you’re using older versions of Microsoft Office then you are missing out on all the fun.

Although Office 2013 was dedicated to store data in the cloud, Microsoft Office 2017 makes cloud computing much easier than it was ever before. Sharing your documents is made a lot easier in MS Office 2016. It is not confined just to your laptops or tablets anymore, it is present everywhere. You can work on your document from wherever you left off at any place using any gadget that runs Office.

You can share your document with your friends or colleagues and then you choose whether can they edit or just read your document which makes this package even better for you if you’re working on a team project.
Microsoft Office 2017 ISO Free

Features of Microsoft Office 2017 (What's new)

Smart lookup: Have you ever had to leave your document just because you are out of words to write or you are not satisfied with your current understanding of the particular word and you wanted to look for it in internet? Well, all of us have been there. Office 2017 introduces a Smart Lookup for the first time which makes sure that you stay in your document and do the research without bothering to use web browser. All you have to do is

  1. Select the word.
  2. Right click on it.
  3. From the pop up menu select Smart Lookup.
Smart Lookup is available in Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint.

Tell Me: Often it happens that you have the idea to do certain things to your document but you are unable to find the right tools in right place, and you end up dropping off that idea. Do not worry anymore because Microsoft Office 2017 Free Download has introduced the new feature called Tell Me. It takes your queries in your natural language and help you find the tool that you are looking for.

For example you cannot find where the “watermark” tool is, all you have to do is write “how to apply watermark” or any suitable statement in Tell Me box, drop-down menu will appear with appropriate suggestions. Select the tool that you were looking for. It is just that easy…

Real time co-authoring: Microsoft has introduced the feature of Real Time co-authoring which has already being used by Google docs. This is very important feature. It allows multiple people to work on single document stored on Microsoft Cloud in real time.

Microsoft Office 2017 Package Screenshot

You can share your document by inviting people. Any editing done by them can be seen in your document. You also get to choose who edits your data and who just reads it.

Built in Skype: Microsoft now provides you a built in Skype in the Microsoft Office 2017 free environment. Now you can collaborate your document with the people you are working. You can send both online and offline video and voice messages.

Live web tables and charts in Excel: Excel was first considered an offline application but not anymore. You can import tables from web to excel. You have to copy the URL of the web and then excel displays all tables that are available on web page. You can select the table and insert it in excel to make charts etc. Not just that…any changes that are made in the tables of website will be reflected in your document.

Shape recognition: This feature is available to the users of MS Office 17 for Office 365 in Excel. There is new “Convert to Shapes” button in drawing tab in Excel. Click on that button and along with it click “Draw with Touch” button. Even if you do not have touch interface, you can draw your scribbles with the mouse, once you’re done; click “Draw with Touch” button again. Those scribbles will be converted into perfect shapes that can be edited and moved throughout the document.

Easier Attachment: Microsoft has made attachments easier in Outlook. No more hunting for files on your computer. All you have to do is click on “Attach File” and it will enlist the recent files. Choose the required file to attach to the email.

So this time we shared some features with you that we found interesting, there are a lot of other new features that could have been added but I am going to stop here. If you really want to know about other hidden tricks and features of Microsoft Office 2017, please let us know by leaving your comments below. If you have anything you want to share about this article with us or if have any suggestions or questions feel free to comment, we’ll be there for you...

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Microsoft Office 2017 ISO 32/64 Bit Free Download

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